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IMHO prohibition sentiment requires inherent addiction to status quo, an incapacity to visualise beyond the here and now and a desperate desire to know others might feel the same... Reform is not revolutionary, rather it is evolutionary. Having survived banging your head against a brick wall the evolutionist relishes having stopped. / Blair

Sunday, November 07, 2004

take one habeus corpus and $20,000 ++ for instant relief of pain

Blair Anderson wrote:
Paula Lambert wrote:
Hi Blair, good two posts, but three things;

3.National Academy of Sciences Report you quote, do you have the date of

Smoking Issue and Neville at law.

Notably the IOM  makes the principle provision in Recomendation 6, other areas of this definative report deal with this more holisticaly

Rec. 6 undermines the perverse 'ethical' concerns that medical smoking is not possible, not likely, or 'just a stupid idea'. Holderness is wrong to have excluded Nevilles 'medical' evidence leaving smoking and growing the test before the 'law', The jury was not fully informed. [Queen vs Yates 2004].

See. IOM Recommendation 6: Short-term use of smoked marijuana (less than six months) for patients with debilitating symptoms (such as intractable pain or vomiting) must meet the following conditions:

  • failure of all approved medications to provide relief has been documented;
  • the symptoms can reasonably be expected to be relieved by rapid-onset cannabinoid drugs;
  • such treatment is administered under medical supervision in a manner that allows for assessment of treatment effectiveness; and involves an oversight strategy comparable to an institutional review board process that could provide guidance within 24 hours of a submission. (anything time frame would be better than 'just say no' /blair)
  • by a physician to provide marijuana to a patient for a specified use
It was erroneous of Holderness to pick subjectively the evidence that suited the punishment paradigm an ignore the balance which was (or would have been) exonerative.

Neville had tried everything including the solution. First principles, apply - first do no harm. I see double jeopardy  here. The system is not just stopping Neville access to medicine that works, they are taking it what works from him. An action in its self, a medical harm.

Cannabis is less adictive than coffee, and less toxic than tea. What could be the problem. That one leg might enjoy it? Or are we blind to good science and best practice medicine?

Smoking is not compolsory, nor is it 'crime'. The Expert Advisory Committee (on) Drugs [EACD] could easily accomodate the above IOM criteria under the Medicine Act - the 6 months ** can be reviewed by Neville's Physician. It is nobody elses business what he does. If Neville Yates was vapourising quality herb under the above management option, then the 6 month time criteria would by any standard be adjustable accordingly. - Holderness's adjustment is "go to jail, do not pass go..."

So what's the problem?? Because the EACD doesnt have the highy recommended 'active' consumer representative, Neville's pain management now needs a writ of habeus corpus and $20,000 ++ for an Appeal.

Mental Health.. oh yeah, ring Neville on a friday afternoon from this side of the bars and tell him your taking his house...
(and they wonder why cannabis and suicide are linked??)

Neville now has unfettered access to a supermarket of drugs in prison, is emotionaly compromised, isolated, and angry. None of which would have been an issue in civy street.

Some therapy Judge David Holderness. Your best practice peer review is when?

If,  in selling tobacco or alcohol I did anything to hurt someone like Neville  as we have in 'seeing justice done', I would expect and likely loose the right to serve any and everyone and would certainly be answerable to the disabilities commisioner quick smart. Doubtless the media would take a position - dare I say it, consistent with the whim of who pays the bills.

Where does Montana fit into this. Oh yes... medicinal whole smokable grow your own medicine from Nov 2..

How silly? They surely didnt ask Holderness!

Blair Anderson
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Mild Green Initiatives for your liberty, pleasure, health and safety.

**(or until other clinical cannabis is available, such as vapourised pharamacy grade herbal cannabis as used in Holland/Canada, or metered whole cannabis dosage for inexperienced users, such as sublingual, oil/alcohol tinctures, or cooked/ingested. If 100 Million Americans can have access, so can Neville.)

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