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Thursday, January 13, 2005

The science of bullshit and drug education.

Extract of cannabis related advice featured on a British Columbia Science Teachers resource page/ (

When you stop laughing.... remember this aint April 1st.

is followed by

A Drug Fact Sheet

A sample of content...

� The active ingredient in marijuana, THC (�tetra�hydro�can�a�bin�ol�) is readily absorbed by body fat, and is only slowly released over a period of many days or weeks. The THC accumulates in brain tissue, the nervous system, around the heart, around the heart, and in the sexual organs.

� THC affects a woman's eggs: some eggs are killed or poisoned and others are mutated. Babies born to pot�smoking women tend to have lower intelligence, increased behaviour problems, poorer memories and decreased attention spans.
� After a user learns to interpret the mental and physical effects of taking the drug, increasing amounts must be used to get the same �high�.
� Flashbacks can occur for months after a person stops smoking pot.

Woman who smoke pot while pregnant can permanently damage their developing babies in the same way that alcohol produces �fetal alcohol syndrome� babies.

� If a girl has intercourse with a boy who is using marijuana, she is at increased risk of getting cervical cancer.

� The THC absorbed into the brain remains trapped inside the brain case and deposits as a thick yellowish layer on the forebrain, where it has serious effects on the brain, including shrinking brain tissue.

� Pot is NOT �good for you because it is organic�. Pesticides and most other poisons are also organic.

� Young pot smokers are getting cancers that are normally only found in old, long�time cigarette smokers. Such cancers include cancer of the tongue, larynx, mouth, jaw, lungs, neck and head.

� One to three joints each day leads to an impaired immune system, emphysema and chronic bronchitis.

The science of bullshit and drug education, you bet!
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