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IMHO prohibition sentiment requires inherent addiction to status quo, an incapacity to visualise beyond the here and now and a desperate desire to know others might feel the same... Reform is not revolutionary, rather it is evolutionary. Having survived banging your head against a brick wall the evolutionist relishes having stopped. / Blair

Monday, April 18, 2005

Police shrink as drug gangs get bigger - NZH

So reads the front page in our biggest daily newspaper. It follows the even bigger Weekend Herald edition declaring "Mr Asia was tiddly-winks" also heavily focusing on the 'drug gangs'. While replete with long quotes by Greg O'Conner of the NZ Police Association there is no cognisance that prohibition creates, empowers and protects 'organised crime'. (have these guys learnt nothing??)

Meanwhile the countless 'herbal shops' are doing a roaring trade. They have queues outside at 3:00am that look like nightclubs - people waiting to get in an buy "legal highs'. There are now about 20 of these shops catering to a need, not counting Dairy's and Liquor outlets, even 'mobile street vendors' with vehicles covered in lurid sign writing "Cheap NOS" - and that's just in Christchurch. They are selling herbal highs like "Spice" - a blended smokable 'hightech joint' not unlike that of THC but dearer by far than its illegal counterpart. Clearly, these outlets are trading in the wake of prohibitions artificial subsidy - at about $40 for three joint/equivalents though at that price, even they are less popular than herbal pills, of which millions are consumed. (clearly displacing alcohol...)

It begs the question how long can cannabis remain 'so illegal'?

The case of 4.1kg of cannabis found stuffed loosely into the body
board bag, luggage of 28year old Australian model Schapell Corby is now being
adjudicated in Indonesia. She is accused of importing the pot into Bali (like coals to Newcastle) and is now facing the emotional duress and trauma of death by firing squad.

Even if mitigated to 'life' in a jail, worse.. an indonesian jail is just cruel and unusual punishment. Amnesty International is very concerned about applied drug policy in South East Asia, with death sentences for trafficing less than a kilo of ditchweed among hundreds 'terminated' in Singapore alone. Thailand is recommencing its get tough policy that several years ago saw more than 4000 people extrajudicially dealt to over only 90 days. Usually in public, in a hail of gunfire. Just names on a list. God help your family.

Destiny, United Future, Progressives (where did they get that name from?) and other pretenders to civil society are strangely silent on Corby and the single convention.

4.1Kg is consumed here in NZ 'every minute of every day'(200tons pa.)
Australia smokes 4.1kg about every 10 seconds.(1000ton pa). USA according to last weeks reports from the UN, smokes its way through somewhere between 7000 and 19,000 tons pa. A mere 4.1kg goes up in smoke in less time that it takes a NASCAR to cross the finish line. (2/10ths of a second)

The injustice here is absurd. USA would have to line up and shoot a person at a rate of about 5 souls per second... if the law was upheld proportionate to consumption.

Indonesia's laws are exacting state sanctioned threat, duress, and murder in the name of the US sponsored single conventions.

I hope LEAP and others are regaling this toxic injustice and double standard.

There is hardly a kid in NZ who doesn't see the 'news' and now bears witness to the bitter irony (and thus rejects rule of law) in this displaced effort to rid the world of evil cannabis. And we expect drug education to fall on fertile minds... its a joke if it wasn't so bloody serious.


cc: educators for sensible drug policy

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