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Friday, May 06, 2005

Parliament Q/A Cannabis - Legal Status

Hon Phil Goff: As I indicated before, I think that decriminalisation of the drug would lead to its greater availability and heavier use.

Nandor Tanczos wrote:
Question for Oral Answer: Cannabis - Legal Status
Question for Oral Answer: Cannabis - Legal Status
Nandor Tanczos MP, Green Party Drug Policy Spokesperson
Parliament, 5th May 2005

Nandor, good retort. Turner is obviously worried the class d provisions allow for cannabis 'order in council' downgrade. Perhaps more should be made of this and the purpose of the EACD - evidence based blah blah  -  use it as a selling point that class d has wide pubic acceptance with huge petition supporting it coming out of Christchurch.

Obviously Goff hasn't read the health Select Committee reports  about cannabis availability and use, especially the bits about deterrence and the harms being largely overstated. 

He appears like many others missed the bit about 'sub clinical' psychosis in Richies et al work.  These kids are so damn mad that it can only detected in the laboratory!

Although there are parents for whom Goff's simplistic argument lies well, for them the average teenage angst session  might now easily lead parents to think that the otherwise normal teen behavior is just drug induced madness. (Like tostesterones side effects could ever be  cured by 'applied psychology' or more ritalin, or a fireside chat with Mr Goff, or worse, Ms Turner. )

It is egregious of Ms Turner and Hon Goff to 'accept' the situation as outlined (and now in Hansard) about the Netherlands. This misrepresents what is happening in the Netherlands and EU. It misleads the public of New Zealand. Both as advocates of party views are evidencing political bias.

The latest briefings and media releases from ENCOD.ORG indicate otherwise with the insight-full Catania report supporting and calling for a unified EU softdrug policy. (quite a challenge to the UN and obviously the USA) but there are initiatives right now to resolve the Netherlands cross-border drug tourism indicating a huge swing to tolerance. (20 border city mayors support this initiative)  This is the true netherlands position and trend,  contrary to what Hansard would have us believe.

I am taking up the "Clifford/LEAP" inspired Seattle "sister city initiative" with Maxim and U/F...  what could be better for the family than leave a political legacy that delivered.....
"The principal objectives of this effort are: reductions in crime and public disorder; improvement of the public health; better protection of children; and wiser use of scarce public resources.". 
see resolution documents at  The seven numbered paragraphs on page 2 and 3 of the 4 page pdf file Resolution on State Regulation and Control of Psychoactive Substances is the retort that mocks Goff utterly and completly - table the damn thing - its not like the  report lacks integrity.

Also you could throw the latest Royal Colleges of Physicians and Psychiatrists report at them both. Underline "short term political gain" and give a copy to the EACD and the parl Library 'forwarded on behalf of the mildgreen initiative'. ;-)

I hope to make personal contact with JudyT soon. Time we talked about why Washington State Public Health thinks the current  thinking  fails to "reduce problematic drug use, particularly among children".

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  • At 3:49 pm, May 06, 2005, Blogger Blair J Anderson said…

    # Church Council of Greater Seattle
    # King County Medical Society
    # Loren Miller Bar Association
    # Municipal League of King County
    # Physicians for Social Responsibility of Washington
    # Seattle League of Women Voters
    # Washington Academy of Family Physicians
    # Washington Osteopathic Medical Association
    # Washington Society of Addiction Medicine
    # Washington State Bar Association
    # Washington State Medical Association,
    # Washington State Pharmacy Association
    # Washington State Psychiatric Association
    # Washington State Psychological Association
    # Washington State Public Health Association


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