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IMHO prohibition sentiment requires inherent addiction to status quo, an incapacity to visualise beyond the here and now and a desperate desire to know others might feel the same... Reform is not revolutionary, rather it is evolutionary. Having survived banging your head against a brick wall the evolutionist relishes having stopped. / Blair

Friday, July 01, 2005

Deluded Drug Dog Policy

01 Jul 2005 LTE Manukau Courier (New Zealand) re:

Alfriston College and others acquiring the services of (anti)drug dogs is, as the evidence so blatantly shows, a waste of money.

Any young person with a cell phone or internet access can readily share the knowledge that drug dogs cannot detect LSD, that it can be, and is, freely imported and distributed by mail disguised as the note paper within.

This perverse fact mocks the 'feel good' rhetoric of the quoted un-named mothers. It is testimony to failed 'family values' abstinence based education touted as the solution by political hacks. Evidence of the policy deficiency is disgracefully ignored by the health intervention and promotion sector ever beguiled by increased budgets to do more of the same. Einstein called doing the same thing and expecting a different result 'insanity'.

Our nations drug policy is a corrupt, perverse and counterproductive harm maximization  which our current 'world record' youth drug uptake evidences. Drug use among youth is now normal' suggesting it is now abstention that is deviant. (TV1 News 31june)

It should not escape scrutiny on the hustings that this has come about under the watch of 'zero tolerant' prohibitors. Civil Society has been beguiled. Our kids, it appears, are smarter than we may give credit. Christchurch's Professor Fergusson's call for robust debate could not be more timely.

[ends] Dear Ed,; note:** catagorically confirmed by the writer by questions to senior NZ Customs representative speaking at the Assoc Health Minister Hon Jim Anderton sponsored public meeting held at Christchurch Netball courts earlier this year. The inquiry followed a revealing Official Information Request that had potentialy very relevent segments 'blacked out' raising the writers concerns that Customs and Police 'intelligence' on this matter was misplaced. It appears as I suspected, that they KNOW that dogs cannot smell LSD, they just dont want the public to KNOW this.

The writers interest in NZ's most popular canine behavour website (> 4Million hits 2004) and as a dog handler enhances the writers stakehold in this issue --
Blair Anderson
Director,  Educators for Sensible Drug Policy
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