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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Tanczos moots cannabis law changes]

Tanczos moots cannabis law changes 19 July 2005

Green MP Nandor Tanczos is proposing cannabis users be fined rather than face criminal convictions.

Mr Tanczos has drafted a member's bill to reform the law and believes he has found a way forward in the debate.

A summary of his bill says adults caught using the drug would get an instant fine rather than face a criminal conviction. New provisions would strengthen protection for under-18s.

  • people aged over 18 with up to 28g of cannabis or 5g of cannabis preparation would get a $100 instant fine, rather than a criminal record;
  • adults growing up to five small plants at home would get a $100 instant fine, rather than a criminal record, unless there was evidence of selling;
  • in addition to existing provisions people younger than 18 found with cannabis would be fined and referred to an approved drug education provider;
  • also, in addition to existing provisions anyone smoking or cultivating cannabis within 100m of a school or other area mostly used by youth would get a $500 instant fine;
  • cannabis would be covered by the Smokefree Environments Act;
  • selling any amount of cannabis would remain illegal and subject to the same penalties as at present;
  • possession of more that 28g of dried plant or 5g of cannabis preparation would remain illegal and be subject to the same penalties as at present; and
  • revenue gathered from cannabis infringement fines would be earmarked to fund drug education and drug treatment provision.
  • "I believe that the measures this bill puts forward will be acceptable to Labour and the New Zealand public," Mr Tanczos said.

    Mr Tanczos is a self-confessed cannabis smoker who came into Parliament in 1999 campaigning for its decriminalisation.

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    (feedback can be directed towards Nandor's Message Board online,

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