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Monday, January 01, 2007

Californian Bar Association gets radical on drugs

Do-nothing legislators-Time to Act Again-Legalize all Plants Ini

from Drug War Chronicle: Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories
The California do-nothing legislature had been keeping marijuana related activities as felonies even though many of us who have enjoyed marijuana for many decades are now members of the establishment.

Some people say the lawmakers themselves are in on the drug prohibition scams because drug prohibition is what keeps the flows of money going into the special feeding troughs for the prosecutors, pd's, prison and jail screws; judges; parole agents; rehab and prop 36 programs and other pigs so that the legislators will never act on their own to terminate drug prohibition which is the sole source of supply of food for them to grovel out to the state employees who are really the ones who keep these legislators in office.

Whether because of public corruption or simple incompetence the legislature did not act and so the citizens themselves in about 1996 finally took the initiative, pun intended, and passed a broad initiative legalizing the stuff medically by exempting those of us with prescriptions from felony cultivation and possession laws. The medical standard set forth by the initiative, which became a part of the California State Constitution, was "any condition for which marijuana provides relief", which is much more broad and liberal than any responsible legislature would have enacted if they were not too corrupt or incompetent to do something about the situation.

A person would think that the initiative experience, which has literally opened up marijuana for legal use, should have taught the legislators to try to be responsive to the will of the electorate and pass laws that show the citizens want the liberty to use marijuana and other shit. But the legislators still have not changed at all. Even now the legislators are about to authorize construction of even more jails in case they need to try to hold all of us scofflaw forbidden substance consumers that there are in California.

Unfortunately, we the people cannot do everything and so there has never been any real legislative work to codify how the newly legalized medical marijuana can get to the markets. As it is, "co-ops" have been trying to sell the stuff for the same ridiculous prices as the stuff was going for under drug prohibition!

So here's the proposed first draft of the initiative for us to start circulating, dudes:

"if the state legislators of the State of California have not been able to get their act together by Bastille Day 2007 even to consider whether or not to provide the citizens of the State of California any relief from the oppression of drug prohibition laws in this state and to consider the public policy of criminal sanctions for drug use which previous initiatives have declared to be a medical, not a criminal consideration, the people hereby do enact the following amendment to the Constitution of the State of California which will take effect automatically and immediately on said date if no legislative session has been established regarding these matters by that time:

All plants capable of growing within the boundaries of the State of California and all products of all such plants including but not limited to the coca, sleeping poppy and any and all varieties of the cannabis plant are hereby declared to be legal for all purposes for adult California residents; and withing 30 days from Bastille Day 2007 the governor of the State of California is ordered to have purged the criminal records of and to release from custody any and all prisoners whose crime for which incarcerated related to drugs or attempts to steal property or harm persons in order to raise money for drugs or collect money for drugs or which crimes can otherwise be shown to be somehow related to drug prohibition; and that this process will be hereafter known as the " INITIATIVE TO LEGALIZE ALL PLANTS AND TO RELEASE AND PURGE RECORDS OF ALL DRUG PROHIBITION PRISONERS".

Please circulate freely:
P. Amschel
Cal. Bar Assn

Blair Anderson
Corporate Technology Consultants
ph (643) 389 4065 cell 027 265 7219

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