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IMHO prohibition sentiment requires inherent addiction to status quo, an incapacity to visualise beyond the here and now and a desperate desire to know others might feel the same... Reform is not revolutionary, rather it is evolutionary. Having survived banging your head against a brick wall the evolutionist relishes having stopped. / Blair

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Jail avoided for cannabis importing

A cannabis user who imported seeds over the internet was found with hydroponic equipment, cannabis plants, and literature on growing fruit and vegetables. (seeds cannot yet be teleported over the internet, this is the stuff of moral panic! It is no more relevant than if he had purchased the seeds from the Judge's neighbor, one of whom in all probability has indulged [52% NZ'er have] ) The Press | Monday, 29 January 2007

In the Christchurch District Court, Judge Robert Kerr said jail could be imposed on Alan Russell Woodfield, but he accepted Woodfield may have had the equipment for a legitimate use.
(the equipment was guilty of nothing, it wasn't used... the Judge is absolving himself OF THE ABSURDITY! )

Woodfield admitted charges of importing cannabis seeds and cultivating cannabis. (Damn, Don't admit nothing!, ever! The LAW is the ASS.)

The judge said that in March last year Customs in Auckland intercepted packages containing cannabis seeds addressed to Woodfield. (no doubt seed type 'selected' to ensure the best match to needs and quality, therefore, Woodfield's importation is a harm-reducing health initiative. He's unlikely to get hemp seeds from Yates!)

A total of 30 plants, mostly immature, were found at his home, along with partially assembled hydroponic equipment, which Woodfield contended was going to be used to grow fruit and vegetables.

Prosecutor Zannah Johnston said that the inference was open that it was a commercial operation, the nature of the set-up meaning a large number of plants could be grown. (Subjective bullshite Zannah, your lies suggest your no more than a paid stoolie for prohibition politics.. which makes you, the police and the law, contemptibly corrupt)

Lawyer Pip Hall said Woodfield's plan was to use the cannabis for his medical problems. He intended to use the equipment to grow fruit and vegetables and written material found nearby supported that. (Oh rubbish Pip! Woodfield's 'alleged' hydro grow is a product of the prohibition your lifestyle thrives upon.)

The judge said that, given Woodfield's medical problems, jail would be disproportionately severe.

(So it has been accepted this man was a medicinal user, what is he facing jail for anyway?, the evidence in respect of medical efficacy is exonerative. Cannabis is a health issue, not a justice/criminal one. Now, to save Woodfield from himself we have turned him into a goddamn victim who is still ill. Ironically it was Neville Yate's political view, his medical disability, and congruent mental health issues that WAS the REASON the Judge slammed him with 5months, and it wasn't even an imported seed, hydro or computer/books assisted 'crime'. Bah humbug!)

He was sentenced to 250 hours community work and his computer and hydroponic equipment were ordered to be destroyed. (what about the books about growing vegetables, surely these too were 'evil' beyond comprehension? If Woodfield had remained undiscovered he may have advanced on to 'riskier' ornamentals with no known medical use. What possible reason or benefit is there in destroying a sick man's computer. Is the LAW or its adjudicator bereft of reason? Is it going to destroy 'the soil' if cannabis was grown in wholesome manure... )

Just exactly who was the victim here?, who/where was the
aggrieved party complainant?, who endured loss, financially or otherwise? Whose health has suffered? Who has been deprived?

Look who made money, who got paid? Customs, Police, Justice..
Who else paid... Taxpayers. Will it make an IOTA of a difference? Has it ever.. ?

One day we really will have a sensible pot policy instead of incense'able sentencing.

Blair Anderson
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