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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Lack Of Intelligence, January 9, 2007

Clifford Wallace Thornton Jr.'s "Green Party" Campaign Secretary arrested, detained, target of US Intelligence's.political oversight!
/Blair Anderson,
[member] Green Party (NZ)

EDITORIALS--A Lack Of Intelligence, January 9, 2007

Ken Krayeske, a free-lance and Web journalist, law student and political activist, suggested on a website that there be a protest at Gov. M. Jodi Rell's inaugural ball last week.

Though both the suggestion and the act are perfectly lawful, this and another innocuous posting apparently landed Mr. Krayeske on a list of people viewed as "possible threats" to the governor. Being on the list got him arrested and tossed in the lockup when he attended Mrs. Rell's Wednesday inaugural parade to take pictures.

Even in an atmosphere of heightened security, the First Amendment is still in effect. The arrest was outrageous.

Mr. Krayeske rode his bike close to a section of the parade route and began taking photos for stories. He was arrested and charged with breach of peace and interfering with police. He was held for more than 12 hours, initially on $75,000 bail, and then released on a promise to appear.

The incident raises a host of issues, the first having to do with intelligence.

The police report said Hartford police were briefed by state police and the Connecticut Intelligence Center, a clearinghouse involving state and federal law enforcement agencies, about "possible threats to Governor Rell by political activist(s)," including photos.

Mr. Krayeske was listed as one of these possible threats. It's hard to understand why. He is a pacifist and antiwar activist whose only brushes with the law have been a few civil disobedience incidents. He once directed Metro Bridge, a former Courant program for Hartford high school journalists.

He did confront and criticize Mrs. Rell during the fall campaign for her refusal to debate the Green Party candidate, Clifford Thornton. But not a scintilla of evidence has been brought forward that Mr. Krayeske threatened the governor in any way.

So the intelligence wasn't very thorough. If he was viewed as a possible threat, what were the criteria? Who made the decision? Who else is on the list?

Mr. Krayeske went to the parade to shoot pictures, and was carrying professional camera equipment. He was in a public place, at a public event, to which the public had been invited. The police report makes no case for arresting him.

The report says Mr. Krayeske was nabbed as he was stepping into the parade route "toward the Governor," giving the impression he was somehow charging at Mrs. Rell. But at least one eyewitness quoted by The Courant said Mr. Krayeske was already there taking pictures. Indeed, some of the photos he took - see his website, - indicate he was there before the governor arrived.

So arresting and charging him and holding him for 12 hours was beyond the pale.

Mrs. Rell, to her credit, sent a letter Monday to Public Safety Commissioner Leonard Boyle asking that he review the incident and re-evaluate intelligence gathering and distribution procedures. A half-dozen legislators held a press conference Monday decrying the incident and promising hearings.

Hearings should be held. The charges should be dropped. An apology is in order.

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