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IMHO prohibition sentiment requires inherent addiction to status quo, an incapacity to visualise beyond the here and now and a desperate desire to know others might feel the same... Reform is not revolutionary, rather it is evolutionary. Having survived banging your head against a brick wall the evolutionist relishes having stopped. / Blair

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Police forecast [read:guarantee] record pot crop

It's going to be a bumper crop this year, say the police.

"Gratuitous Pot Picture"

Police forecast record pot crop
03.01.2007 / By Kristin Edge

Northland's cash crop cannabis looks set for a bumper season with two plots discovered by trampers near Whangarei.

The plots were well developed and covered in netting to protect them from pests. The latest cannabis find confirms the drug's popularity has not waned despite the burgeoning methamphetamine trade.
(whaaaaa !)

Head of the Northland police organised-crime squad, Detective Sergeant Grant Smith, expected to find and seize a record number of cannabis plants this growing season. "Over the past five years, cannabis-plant seizures have been steadily increasing.
Cannabis is still the base funding for other drug and criminal offending," he said.
(Northland must be the only place in the world the cannabis is criminogenic!)

There was a trend back to larger, more commercial crops in Northland with police discovering a plot with nearly 1000 plants near Kaitaia earlier this year. Outdoor plots with between 300 and 500 plants were common in the region, Mr Smith said.

Trampers in the Whanui Conservation Area, about 10km northeast of Whangarei, found two plots of what police described as "skunk" plants.
(Ooooo..... really dangerous ones! ROFL)

Detective Constable Andrew Glendinning of Whangarei police said the plots of 25 plants each were well-developed and had been cultivated and covered in netting to keep out goats and possums.

Skunk plants are smaller than the more traditional strains of cannabis but are highly potent. "Standing amongst them you could certainly smell it," Mr Glendinning said.
(Ooooo... stinky budz, how illegal)

He praised the trampers who had discretely marked the track near the plot and took pictures of identifiable trees in the area to help police locate the cannabis.

The plants appeared to have been topped but there had not been any recent activity in the plots.

He urged those who discovered plots or noticed suspicious behaviour to report it via a dedicated drug telephone line.
(Yep, give it priority over conversion, burglary and rape and... well, keep pretending its a special problem!)

Mr Glendinning said people finding cannabis plots should be wary of cyanide laid nearby to kill possums and rodents. It was rare to find booby-trapped plots, but there were cases of fish hooks used as a deterrent to those who might decide to take the cannabis themselves.
(Yep, like theose Northland cops who 'planted evidence' of razor blades.. and demonstrated on national television how dangerous 'bic safety razors' could be.. to justify using helicopters and poisons - "Dope:Behind the Smoke"/TV2)

At this time of the year plants were reaching maturity and because of the excellent growing conditions there was potential for two crops to be harvested this season.

Police also want to hear about suspicious behaviour that could be linked to the making of methamphetamine, also known as P.
(Keep up the conversation, you plonkers... If it wasnt for you're enforcement stupidity and crap drug intelligence there wouldnt be any more Methamphetamine than there ever was. P is a Police marketing tool.)

* LOOK FOR: (CoP = Consequence of Prohibition)
• stolen electric fencing from rural locations used to keep animals out of cannabis plots (CoP)
• stolen black piping used for irrigating cannabis plots (CoP)
• cars regularly parked on the side of the road in rural places (CoP)
• blacked-out windows of houses or sheds pungent smells associated with hydroponic cannabis production (CoP)
• Ring 0800 BAN DRUGS (0800 226 3784). Calls are free and can be anonymous. (Another 'NARC' Cultural phenomenon... East Germany had much the same thing! see: CoP above)
Doe anyone believe drugs can be 'banned'... society is drug dependent, the dichotomy astounds.!
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