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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Science advice for NZ Drug Committee; ‘regulate and prevent’ crime.

Mild Greens Press release: 03-01-07

The Mild Greens have a science quote for the NZ's statutory Expert Advisory Committee on Drugs (EACD); "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result." – Albert Einstein.

The Mild Greens are concerned about police statements regarding the 'linkage' between cannabis and the NZ crime scene following todays crime alert in the Northland Advocate. (03/07)

"Head of the Northland police organised-crime squad, Detective Sergeant Grant Smith, expected to find and seize a record number of cannabis plants this growing season. 'Over the past five years, cannabis-plant seizures have been steadily increasing. Cannabis is still the base funding for other drug and criminal offending,' he said."

The MildGreens say the Policeman is talking "bollocks", it is the prohibition of cannabis that is the base funding "and every one knows it".

You don't need to be Einstein to see the connection between cannabis and crime is its 'legal status' and police are being simplistic and deceitful about 'drugs causing crime'.

It appears the EACD in failing to take heed of the Health Select Committee's recommendation to prioritise Cannabis and the Law is perpetuating prohibition on the basis of the very political interference it was set up to avoid (Annette King, Minister of Health, Judy Keall, Chair Health Select Committee, MDA#4 debate 2000 Hansard)

The Mild Greens believe failure to attend to the legal status of highly prevalent "cannabis" makes the EACD's BZP advice farcical, "and they should acknowledge the crime scam and resign."

"It is precisely because of the health risks that it is so irresponsible of governments to forbid drugs and thus offer as it were this lucrative trade to criminals." - The merit of health arguments in the legalization debate by Fredrick Polak, M.D., Psychiatrist.

Helen Clark's Coalition Government is complicit with Police and other 'crime industry' interests; they are running an extortion racket and the taxpayer is being fooled into following corrupt 'crime prevention' according to the MildGreen social ecologists.

With NZ's 'dob-in' narc culture (0800 BAN DRUGS) the country is in denial that 52% of surveyed kiwis have tried cannabis. It is neither 'best practice public health' nor 'crime prevention' to put so many at risk by continuing to ignore the case for decriminalisation.

"The question is… whether complete decriminalisation of cannabis is a sensible course given the scientific evidence on its adverse effects. My view is that decimalisation is the only course of action even though cannabis can have adverse effects on human health". Paul F. Smith. Prof of Pharmacology, School of Medicinal Science, University of Otago . Report to Health Select Committee on Safety and Legal issues relating to cannabis use 4/4/01.

"Cannabis is not criminogenic, whereas prohibition is", Justice Young, Supreme Court of Canada. The same 'finding of facts' report notes the " Social science evidence demonstrating that it is the criminal prohibition of marijuana which causes significant social harm while providing little (if any) benefit to society.".

So, does this mean the New Zealand Police have us all by the proverbial's and just expect our brains to follow?

With the evidence so heavily on the side of reform one has to wonder why the NZ voting public haven't figured out the legal status of cannabis is the single most pernicious and divisive activity going on in New Zealand.

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