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IMHO prohibition sentiment requires inherent addiction to status quo, an incapacity to visualise beyond the here and now and a desperate desire to know others might feel the same... Reform is not revolutionary, rather it is evolutionary. Having survived banging your head against a brick wall the evolutionist relishes having stopped. / Blair

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Clark 'expediency' denies compassionate use

"I'm in favour of partial decriminalisation" (1994)
Clearly Helen prefers the part that ensures she maintains tenuous hold on power on the back of denying compassion to her subjects...

Clark snuffs out dope law hope
Prime Minister Helen Clark has dampened down expectations of an immediate change to medicinal cannabis laws, saying Health Ministry advice should not be read as a "major endorsement" of its use. (a strawman Helen? Obsfucationary at best... MoH didnt endorse, nor did the advice, it reported facts 'known to science'.)

Miss Clark also made it clear that the ministry came down against the use of leaf cannabis to ease pain, as the release of new papers raises fresh debate over what has become a politically contentious issue. ('leaf cannabis' - whah, Sativex is whole cannabis, it is proof of the lie. 'has become a politically contentious issue', again misreported, it is the abject failure of prohibition that is without doubt contentious - not the efficacy of the herb, that is without doubt. Helen can own her opinions but she cannot own the truth)

She said there "may be something" to the use of a special nasal spray containing THC and other extracts from the cannabis plant, which is being tested in Britain. But, while the British pharmaceutical company testing the spray Sativex was happy to supply it for clinical trials in New Zealand, "they've never applied for approval of it".

The Misuse of Drugs Act allows doctors to apply for special approval from the health minister to prescribe cannabis for a patient under their care.

But that is dependent on cannabis being available in an appropriate medicinal form. (Accompanied by an invoice....)

The Dominion Post revealed yesterday that health authorities had acknowledged that there was enough evidence to support the use of cannabis on compassionate grounds.
In an October briefing paper to Health Minister Pete Hodgson, the ministry said there was "sufficient evidence of safety and efficacy of cannabis in some medical conditions" to support consideration of compassionate, controlled use. (proving yet again, that prohibition is no control at all)

Miss Clark said her reading of the Health Department paper was that it was "not a major endorsement of the use of cannabis".
"They have had approval in Canada for (Sativex) as a treatment related to the relief of pain from multiple sclerosis, so there may be something in it, but we simply haven't had an application."
Some Labour MPs are known to support medicinal cannabis use, but the issue is fraught because of Labour's support arrangements with other parties like United Future, which opposes the decriminalisation of cannabis, but has an open mind about medicinal use.
Green MP Metiria Turei said she had a bill decriminalising medicinal cannabis that was awaiting further information. "It is a health issue to some extent, but for patients who are likely to die ... really, the risk of smoking is completely irrelevant." (We are all gonna die.... besides smoking in terms of delivery and harm minimisation works because the titration and thus mediation of any side effect is 'realtime'. )

Mrs Turei said she believed there was growing support for the medicinal use of cannabis, but had no undertakings from any party to back the bill to select committee.
This is inane policy development process and characterises everything that is wrong with associating 'crime' with off label use of a herb that has been described as an 'anti-aging drug' (Assoc Prof Robert Melamede) and as the 'Aspro of the 21st Century' (Prof Emeritus, Lester Grinspoon).
Blair Anderson
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