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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Clifford's "High Times" in Green Politics

This could be NZ that Clifford Wallace Thornton is talking about (two party politics/fpp electorates)?

an excerpt from High Times Magazine,
see for full text

The biggest failure of my campaign - out of things I could control (I could not completely control the debates or media coverage) was fundraising. I have worked in three significant movements - drug policy reform, the anti-war movement and democracy reform - but these movements (like most others) are infected with the two party virus. They have no confidence in third parties and therefore most of their participants do not fund them.

I was particularly disappointed in the drug policy reform movement where I have had a fifteen-year career. Although there were a few exceptions my career-long allies, who I have no doubt respect my work, did not provide major funding for this campaign. Many did not even make token contributions as a sign of respect or friendship. Similarly the peace and democracy movements provided insignificant funding.

Frankly, this is one reason that all these movements (and the union, environmental and women's rights movements) are weaker than they should be. They cow-tow to the Democratic Party even though the Democrats do very little for them - indeed often hurt their agenda. They give support no matter what the Democratic candidate stands for, thus, they are taken for granted. I'm not sure how to convince them that this is a failed strategy but we need to keep trying. They will not make progress on their issues until they get serious about electoral politics - putting their agenda far ahead of loyalty to any political party.

Many in the Green Party that nominated me do not understand the importance of money. While I did receive support from some members of each party, generally speaking I was disappointed. The Greens in particular seem very uncomfortable with money as they see it as a corrupting influence no matter what the circumstances. We need to find ways to convince members of the party that funding their candidates is THE top priority. There were times I went to Green Party meetings and did not even leave with enough money to pay the gas bill! Sadly, the media measures potential for success by how much money we raise, more than by the strength of our ideas or the number of volunteers we have. Money is critical and must be made the top priority. It should not be feared but welcomed!

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