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Friday, May 04, 2007

Attack dogs on drugs

Attack dogs on drugs The Daily Telegraph: "DOGS in New Zealand are rampaging on drugs and going on the attack as their owners try to make them even more aggressive."

Yeah Right !

And the evidence for this diatribe is?

We are witnessing an unfolding dilema - first comes the moral panic, followed by urban myths. So much "othering" going on here it makes a body sick!

Who would want to own a Staffie? (like there hasnt been dangerous dogs before 'they' arrive and 'those' people owned them.)

As I have said elsewhere, it has been my 11yr old dogs experience that as many Jack Russells have attacked him as 'staffies with small dog syndrome'. Only about 8 weeks ago he was savagely attacked by a pair of roaming dogs - one was a pittie-x and the other a ridgeback-x. Two on One. It very nearly got messy, as it was my dog suffered debilitating injuries, contusions and severe bruising. This is a product of 'unsocialised' dogs, well out of their territory.

Putting them behind high fences and keeping them on short leads is going to compound the problem.

Like drug policy, this should be answered with education that is not fear based. We are raising a nation people 'fearful' where there should be none.

If we don't want people owning 'tough' dogs, stop marketing fear. It panders to the very inclinations of those who would have us afraid.

This will be an issue these upcoming local body elections.
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  • At 12:05 pm, May 07, 2007, Blogger Scott said…

    people seem to forget that it use to be illegal in NZ to own a pitbull not that long ago.

    I have 2 kids, and we have a large number of free roaming pitbull and similar breeds wondering around our streets, and yes I do fear for my kids.

    Lets just make these breeds illegal again, simply because they have lock jaw, no other reason.

    Or should we allow for automatic weapons and handguns to become legal in NZ and wait for a Virginia Tech type shooting, then defend the gun?

  • At 9:58 am, May 21, 2007, Blogger, CHCH 2007 said…

    It has never been illegal to own a pitbull, it hasnt even always been illegal to bullbait. Bear in mind that Fox Terriers were trained and breed fighting dogs for fighting dogs, specifically foxes (and badgers) Same with fox hounds (and others). Pitbulls were and are very efficient in delivery of 'a bite' and hanging on. Pig hunters have lauded this characteristic since time began, and natural selection (survival/fittest) plays a part in breeding outcomes. The potential for harm carries a message "fear me" and that is what some owners may find attractive. When we marginalise people, we create too, their solutions. Prevelence of dogs raoming your neighborhood is a combination of 'the dog' and the set and setting in which WE (via policy and psychosocial factors) make both dog and owner respond and become that which we most fear.

    Those people...

    Those dogs...

    Making the breed illegal will only shift the dynamics driving the problems you see somewhere else..

    What other people do in other neighbourhoods will [likely] be revisted on your heighbourhood. NIMBY doesnt work.

    Comparison to law relating to handguns/Virginia Tech is not helpful. It is a Strawman.

    I'm not supportive of breed specific laws. Becasue they dont work. It s like asset forfieture and boy racer laws. Has teh problem diminished, subsequent to getting tough. The answer to that question tells us... reverting to law is not always enough.


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