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Friday, November 23, 2007

Narcotic use and athletic ability

"People under the influence of marijuana (cannabis) perform poorly in virtually every sort of mental and physical task, especially athletics. The increase in heart rate after smoking pot decreases the body's maximum tolerance for exercise, makes the smoker more vulnerable to fatigue, and makes breathing more difficult. It also causes slower reflexes, a distorted sense of time, poor vision, and an interference with depth perception. "

see Narcotic use and athletic ability KGET TV 17:

If this is so debilitating why is Cannabis ranked in NZ sport as an evil "unfair" enhancing drug.... indeed, sports drug testing is only checking for evidence of THC metabolites... the logical equivalent of licking an exhaust pipe to see if someone has been speeding yesterday.

Secondly, this has not been my experience. Playing Ice-Hockey presents one of the most complete challenges to the above 'debilitating list'. While the prejudiced might argue 'I was deluded' that doesn't account for the fact that my entire team was likely stoned and that we were consistent winners. I would have to also say that the sense of timing, unity and corp de esprit was as good as it gets... and before anyone says "yeah, had you not potted yourself, you could have gone on to be another Wayne Gillespie, Bobby Orr, Hull... ", hold it right there. There is no evidence they didn't smoke either. (is that a nice way of saying it?)

50% of the entire Australian Rugby League at professional level (it is reported) are regular tokers. Andrew Johns is a case in point with 10 years at the top of the of one of the most 'athletic' and physically demanding sports on the planet (aside from Ice-Hockey). Less demanding in some peoples eyes, Many international and ANZAC Cricketers have found solace in the humble herb.

Perhaps the rule has more to do with alcohol sponsorship than the harm prevention of displacing social and excess alcohol than earnestly 'treating' ones aches and pains, which cannabis clearly and evidentially does.

The social inequity in the above item, is based on pure prejudice absent FACTS given that the latest research from Switzerland shows that young people who smoke a bit of the popular grass are "more likely" to participate in sport than those who drink, smoke tobacco making the cannabis related material patently absurd. That we dismiss these otherwise law abiding folk from SPORT to send a signal (as if anyone was listening) only twists the double standards knife all the deeper.

Finally: Cannabis is not a Narcotic. End of story.


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