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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Give New Zealand a say in global drug policy

Give New Zealand a say in global drug policy

Consultation to give New Zealand a say in global drug policy
New Zealand Drug Foundation
15 February 2008

A greater community voice in United Nations global drug policy is the goal of a historic forum to be held in Wellington 18-19 February.

The Beyond 2008 Regional Consultation for Australasia is one of nine being held around the world to gather input from non government organisations (NGOs) on what has worked for them in reducing supply and use of illicit drugs, and seek opinions on how well United Nations drug control targets have been met.

"World leaders met a decade ago and set themselves the ambitious goal of a 'Drug Free World' by 2008," says Drug Foundation Executive Director Ross Bell.

"While we can admire their intentions, the cold hard facts tell us that the world community has largely failed in its official drug control efforts and questions are now being asked about whether the current structures are fit for purpose.

"These consultations are a genuine and welcome attempt by the United Nations to allow communities affected by drug problems to contribute to future directions in global drug control. New Zealand has a lot to contribute and can be proud of its achievements in reducing drug harm (I'm still larfing at this one! /Blair). This forum is one important way we can share our experience with the global community.

"Increased investment into drug treatment services, government support for community drug projects, and a world beating needle exchange service are some of the successes New Zealand community agencies will share with their international colleagues."

Results from New Zealand will be combined with those from Australian consultations to form an Australasian report to the Vienna NGO Committee which will meet in July to review progress in achieving UN drug control targets established in 1998.

More : see

The MildGreen Initiative will be there...... watch this space!

  • (note: a wee mouse over heard at the historical "Beyond 2008 / International UN drug policy forum" the Mild Green Initiative Class D gets first in the world recognition and described variously as as an imortant component in "New Zealand's leadership in drug control strategies" along with NEPS and Diversion to visiting experts, local mp's officials and NGO's. !, 'the whole world is watching' overtones and our having to reconcile BZP already in "D" classification - these are surely, interesting times. NZ is having a say in international drug policy!)

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