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IMHO prohibition sentiment requires inherent addiction to status quo, an incapacity to visualise beyond the here and now and a desperate desire to know others might feel the same... Reform is not revolutionary, rather it is evolutionary. Having survived banging your head against a brick wall the evolutionist relishes having stopped. / Blair

Sunday, March 16, 2008

BZP'ing into the wind

BZP had been usefully classified as Class D, an innovation in and of itself. It is a 'controlled and legally regulated' extension to the worldwide concept of ABC 'criminal classification'.  When Jim Anderton announced this Class-D initiative on "Good Friday" 2004  it was seen as a pragmatic response and while United Future subsequently regaled at the notion that it would be perfect place to 're-regulate' Cannabis (as heard at select committee) its principle purpose when proposed was to provide a 'better solution' to the vexing question of where Alcohol and Tobacco should fit in the National Drug Policy framework.   

For a nation, indeed the only western democracy in the world  behoving to "thou shalt not talk about cannabis in this term of parliament" - United Future broke its own rules and moved to ensure that drugs could only be put UP in class, not down. So much for evidence, a goal of the Expert Advisory Committee on Drugs (EACD) when the Minister of Health Hon Annette King, said "it should take politics out  of drug policy". When the EACD was 'stacked' with prohibition stakeholders like Customs the minority 'drug practitioners' from the health and harm reduction sector were marginalised. 

No good will come of any of this until the Law Commission has had its unfettered inquiry into drug policy.  None of which ever gets a mention in the media. 

BZP is not a good drug but then nor is alcohol but until we have the required conversation and civil society addresses itself to this issue  we will continue to talk round in circles and fix diddly. 

The first thing to understand is this. Methamphetamine,  Alcohol and BZP prevalence in New Zealand is a PRODUCT of poor drug policy.  This is true at both ends of the harms scale and for all points in between. We are, in our legislative response to drugs, our own worst enemy.

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  • At 4:31 pm, April 07, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I agree BZP is not a good drug.There is need of more research on this drug.My site sells BZP and TFMPP powder for research purpose.

  • At 4:59 pm, April 07, 2008, Blogger, CHCH 2007 said…

    New Zealand is in a limbo.. no one can sell BZP but one can possess upto 100 tablets/pills (at least for the next 5 months three weeks....) presumably for personal consumption.

    In the days precedding the retail ban tablets were deeply discounted to about 50cents each (an order of magnitude under former retail) allowing stocking up by tens of thousands of young people.

    These now exist in stashes and caches all over the country, largely insecure and highly probable, increasing in value as the black market proliferates.

    Youthful entrepreneurial 'trade and exchange' will follow.

    We have incentivised a (new) criminal behavour that otherwise would not have happened.

    Further, the Associate Health Minister's best argument for keeping these out of the hands of young people is that he thinks they have better things to spend their money on, and this sends that signal.
    Its OK to have them for four years (legally regulated) and no one died. Anderton says' the jury is still out on that one' predicated on maybe someone drove while self medicated.

    Duh! / Some dangerous drug eh!


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