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IMHO prohibition sentiment requires inherent addiction to status quo, an incapacity to visualise beyond the here and now and a desperate desire to know others might feel the same... Reform is not revolutionary, rather it is evolutionary. Having survived banging your head against a brick wall the evolutionist relishes having stopped. / Blair

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cannabis so strong V8 driver stoned for two years.

Re: Motorsport: NZ Race Driver Banned After Positive Drug Test

The V8 driver was tested for the presence of metabolites of cannabis. The metabolites are the left overs, the residual chemical structure from the active ingredient. They are not proof of impairment rather the opposite, their existence shows that what ever THC (and any impairment associated with the unfamiliarity with the THC experience) has been used up, its gone, no longer active however they are proof, even at nanogram quantities that cannabinoids have been in this driver system.

Personally, I would rather work, recreate and take risks (and have done so many times) with someone who can make a rational choice to consume cannabis in a responsible manner than someone for whom other drugs, many of them legal, can have confounding effects.

The former UK top cop, Det. Chief Super, Eddie Ellison described cannabis testing of drivers as the logical equivalent of licking the exhaust pipe to see if the car exceeded the speed limit last week.

That every driver on the circuit is pumping with adrenalin, dopamine, testosterone and more is clear to me. Whereas alcohol impairment is not just limited to cognitive impairment post use, it can debilitate a drivers capacity to sustain high levels of these natural drugs hours and days after binge drinking.

Cannabis [in this case] is being hung out to dry while alcohol and prescribed drugs escape attention.

Notably, the winners podium will be awash with fermented liquors, the venue replete with the obligatory 'drink more beer' hordings, the chardonay set swimming in corporate liquid refreshments and, going by the glass in the waste bins, spectators similarly fueled.High powered double standards... (that evidentialy sets up every one for failure...)


Motorsport: NZ Race Driver Banned After Positive Drug Test
A New
Zealand V8 racecar driver has been banned after returning a positive drug test for a banned recreational drug. Dale Lambert tested positive for cannabis at the Manfeild round of the NZV8s in February 2007. Drug Free Sport New Zealand officials arrived at the circuit for the first-ever drug screening episode of the sport without prior notice and selected three Toyota Racing Series drivers and four NZV8 drivers."Our members are subject to WADA's list of banned substances and it's the first time the agency has turned up at a circuit," said MSNZ general manager Ross Armstrong. "It's disappointing that we've had a positive urine test first time up but it reinforces to competitors that drugs will not be tolerated in the sport." Unlike alcohol and other recreational drugs that leave the human system relatively quickly, cannabis can be found in tests up to 23 days later. Testing for alcohol at meetings has been put in place and any driver found with any trace will immediately be stood down. The anti-doping authorities are also concerned about the use of m###########ine or P.

After testing positive for cannabis, Lambert was advised of the result and the matter
was referred to MotorSport NZ for adjudication. Lambert did not appear at the meeting but sent a letter admitting taking the cannabis, albeit some considerable time prior to the test. The tribunal ruled the allegation was proved and Lambert was excluded from the New Zealand V8 championships for 2007-08 and his competition licence suspended until May 2010.For a sport where the slightest miscalculation or lack of concentration can put a driver in the wall, motor racing has been a little slow over the years in introducing mandatory random drug testing. Formula 1 has a random-testing system in place where at any meeting drivers can be tested.

Nascar also has a system but tests only on reasonable suspicion.Other forms of
the sport have various testing processes in place, but there are calls for more
more stringent procedures.

Source: The New Zealand HeraldCopyright: 2008, The New Zealand HeraldContact: Eric ThompsonWebsite: Motorsport: NZ race driver banned after positive drug test - 28 Apr 2008 - Motoring including motorsport, A1GP, news, reviews and comment - New Zealand Herald

Blair Anderson

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