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Monday, April 21, 2008

Signs that your child may be experimenting with drugs

You are a concerned parent, or perhaps you are a friend. You might be part of the family or you may even just have the same job, but you are concerned. You are concerned that this someone you know might be involved with drug use.

Be it Marijuana, Mushrooms, Acid, Ecstasy, or even Catnip, there are a few simple signs you can be conscious of that would easily rule out all doubt and allow you to proceed with some form of corrective action.

Creativity - Your child doesn't quite seem as dull as he was before. You may notice this through sketches on paper or even through the mass reorganization of his or her bedroom, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing layout that contains both symbolism and references to spiritual contemplation. Drugs cause the mind to expand beyond its preconceived notions of normality and things tend to become a bit colorful, if you will.
Music - Your Beyonce diva daughter or Linkin Park lovin' son has discovered techno, reggae, and some of the music you listened to when you were cool, too. If there is a tribal beat thumping on the other side of that door, your child is on drugs.

Attitude - Your spoiled brat has taken on a more mellow outlook on life, what happened? Marijuana may be the culprit, but with all the soul searching offered by various recreational and spiritual drugs there really is no telling exactly why your kid just doesn't argue with you anymore.

Love - Johnny never gave a rat's ass about the world around him when he followed your example, but his discovery of the grass taught him to appreciate nature and the beauty of simplicity. A mental outlook such as Johnny's could theoretically lead to a more natural interaction between humans and the environment as well as less dependence on things that should stay under the ground. His optimistic view should be extinguished as quickly as possible.

If you think you have noticed any of the following signs, it is recommended that you search through your child's belongings to confirm your suspicions before following through with an exaggerated form of punishment.
(hat tip to LEAP forum member Jway)
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