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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Re: [cclr-public] Dakta Green arrested

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This has to be incredibly stupid thing for the Police to be doing on J-Day, when political parties are nominating candidates for the by-election to replace, now UN Social and Economic Development head, Rt Hon Helen Clark's seat of Mt Albert. (See MAYDAY Press Release by the ALCP, a crucial, if preemptive strike, Dakta Greens nomination announcement)

... it must have been NDIB's Mills exacting the new police drug strategy with its focus on protecting society the from billion dollar harms of cannabis. (Police Drug Strategy to 2012: released at the 'healthy drug law reform' symposium )

By 'drug intel' reasoning the more money they spend on the ALCP candidate, the 'safer the community'.

Helen Clark"I favour partial prohibition" - Rt. Hon Helen Clark

Clearly the Mt Albert DAKTAVISTS are ahead on both intelligence and strategy.

The ALCP might be getting political advertising money couldn't buy, but Dakta's incarceration is still an injustice under existing law.

Where's Habeas corpus when ya need it!?

On Sun, May 3, 2009 The Cordings <> wrote:

On Friday the Cannabus was in Albert Park for a hotbox, parked just up the street from the Hemp Store in the old 4.20 spot. Hotbox xompleted, smiles all round, when 9 police show up to arrest Dakta Green for "permitting a vehicle to be used for the commission of a crime under the Misuse of Drugs Act." No one else was searched or otherwise bothered. A tow truck was sent for the bus, but was too small to tow it and a driver was eventually found to take Mary Jane to safety.

Dakta Green was released that evening on bail with conditions including not to enter the CBD except to go to court. But he was committed to being at J Day with the bus. The area comprising the CBD was not specified in the bail conditions.

J Day went off despite the rain, and as 4.20 approached Dakta Green took the stage to announce himself as the ALCP candidate for Helen Clark's seat. He gave an excellent speech, joints were sparked up for 4.20 and J Day wound down from there.

Nearly everyone had left when the cops struck again. Dakta Green was just about to drive the bus away when he was arrested for breach of bail - from the charge the night before.

He is now locked up at Auckland Central police station in a 2 x 2 metre cell where he has been stuck from the time of his arrest until court tomorrow morning.

Because of breach of bail, he could be remanded in custody, possibly until after the byelection - killing his campaign before it has started. For this reason, I believe it is not coincidence that the police have taken such an interest after largely ignoring the Cannabus tour and 420s.

Democracy in action, folks,,, what do the NORML board and ALCP intend to do about it?

Anyone who can provide court support, 10 am Monday May 4, Auckland District Court, 69 Albert St.



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