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Friday, June 12, 2009

DeClassifying the Popular ALCP Vote.

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Perhaps Tumeke should consider a more expansive acknowledgement of extra-participatory parliamentary election candidates and parties.
(see Tim Selwyn's Unite's candidate's debate on the Tumeke Blog)

The inclusion of the Libertarians as 'extra-parliamentary' discounts the fact that Aotearoa Legalise (ALCP) has consistently and influentially polled since 1996 MMP and it has two of those candidates complete some thirteen years of participatory democracy.

Should we be surprised then that New Zealand is the first country in the world to go beyond the primary UN obligations to the founding covenants and override its obligations to the Single Conventions on Narcotics by legally regulating (R18) recreational (use, sale, storage, exchange, labeling, etc.) soft drugs under the aegis and management of the Ministry of Health.

If nothing else, those candidates at the Mt Albert by-election tables 'because they are more serious' and thus deserving of media space thus mind share should be asked to explain and be tested against this crucial law and order issue. An issue that has seen honourable men killed on service to a mission impossible and civilians as collateral damage in our driveways, streets and motorways.

Yet "Class D" has escaped media or political attention, despite the first job of the PM's science adviser to take the P out of cough mixture (loud applause in CHCH town hall when RH J Key mentioned it...) and alcohol, and hoons, get the money - libraries, pools and culture are someone else responsibility. [What ever happened to 'for the people'.]

600 Cops is a sign of failure, whereas 600 less would be 'best practice' measure of social policy success. Purposeful implementation of Class D is the ticket to that success. Mt Albert voters have been deprived of an opportunity to send an important 'law and order' signal to RH Key and Co. One that would better inform the alcohol debate.
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