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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Another MildGreen Dactavist Comments

It is a sad indictment of current political thinking that catching bad dudes by whatever means 'justifies the end'. The weekends Sunday Star Times item by Nicky Hager on the extended powers of the Police to surveil all and every email, txt, phone and fax will have consequences.

It empowers this intimidating shite, as polite as these two officers were (thanks IMHO largely to the presence of the video camera). Whoever authorised the three day DAKTORY stakeout should LOOSE THEIR JOB for failing to correctly train officers in appropriate protocols. No New Zealander has authorised warrant-less random stopping, searching ( "tipping out", what a disgraceful terminology ) and haranguing absent ANY proof of impairment or crime.

The Seal of the United States Federal Bureau o...Image via Wikipedia
Were a 'list' of members available either written or otherwise, these fellows have clearly indicated an interest in obtaining one. Under these FBI lobbied for surveillance laws that would make a STASI operative proud, ANY movement of a list, or contiguous emails could be USED by POLICE for purposes of 'fishing'. And they do not have to tell you, it's masked by 'it is a random stop Sir'.
Freedom of association is under grave threat. The "chilling" of dissent is anti-democratic and should be subject to much gnashing of teeth by the forth estate and academia. I don't expect we will see it however…
Good on DG for being cool and informing these fellows 'that a complaint' will be laid.
I will be watching with interest.
(should the POLICE be reading this… and by all accounts they are now empowered to not only do so, but also archive it, choke on this; "PIGGISH" no longer adequately describes your roadside manner, no matter how polite you pretend to be.)

/ Another MildGreen Dactavist

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