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Friday, January 15, 2010

Cannabis Party Salutes Dakta Green

Cannabis Party salutes Dakta Green's stand as staunch Legaliser

Press Release:  ALCP 14th January 2010

Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party congratulates Dakta Green and his Auckland Daktory Club membership for heavily pushing cannabis law reform to the fore again in New Zealand after many years of being put on the back burner by establishment, bureaucracy and media.
Image of Dakta Green from FacebookImage of Dakta Green

ALCP totally supports appropriate civil disobedience to raise awareness of glaring anomalies in New Zealand's justice system, including counter-productive 'crime prevention' policing, and highly questionable legal status of marijuana alongside alcohol and tobacco.

Marijuana is NZ's crucial law and order/community well-being/human rights issue: "The ongoing third-class-citizen status of the nation's estimated half million marijuana consumers is unacceptable in a civil society."

ALCP members applaud the stance of "Live like it's Legal" and front page coverage in the Sunday News, featuring Dakta Green - who stood for the Party in the 2009 Mt Albert by-election. Dakta has openly operated Auckland's ground breaking cannabis club since November 2008. "It is inspiring to see determined Daktavists thumbing noses at unjustifiably harsh laws which could see them facing up to 7 years jail."

"We are appalled at the further violation of Dakta Green's civil rights by the police confiscation of his phone and computer. The Police have taken his tools to defend himself!"

The Misuse of Drugs Act makes provision for regulated sale of restricted psychoactive substances – a.k.a. Class D. Put cannabis in the "restricted substance regulations" suggests ALCP - it's about time some logic was applied to the market which is currently poorly controlled. Auckland's Daktory has demonstrated a successful implementation of the R18 responsible trade and use provisions.

It is time for change around the world as California's State Legislature's Health and Safety committee has approved the community model for marijuana. Cannabis clubs have lead the way.
Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis PartyImage via Wikipedia

ALCP also defends the good Dakta's stance against the derogatory remarks about pot smokers by the Northland Returned Services Association [RSA]. Dakta Green cannot be condemned as having no support when 62% of STUFF.CO.NZ  voters supported his reform call.

As champions against repression in previous eras, the RSA should be cheering on the new generation of freedom fighters, and be wary of establishment propaganda, bullying, threat of jail and confiscation of property. Similar tactics were used by the Nazis!  Not acceptable then and not acceptable now. We call on the RSA to stand up for this generation against oppression.

Party analysts respectfully suggest RSA in Northland may be seeing the results of the huge prohibition economy up north, including general disrespect for authority - "Please don't blame cannabis for what prohibition is doing"

Changing cannabis laws will raise consciousness and tolerance amongst Kiwis and bring old and young together more than any other initiative.

ALCP supports the plan to extend Daktory 'harm reduction' services across NZ.

It is time Government recognised a regulated Green market is much safer, fairer and realistic for New Zealand than maintaining 'at all costs' a dishonest Black Market.

media inquiries:  ALCP President, Kevin O'Connell.  027 265 7064

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  • At 11:22 pm, January 18, 2010, Blogger Blair Anderson said…

    RNZRSA and many local Associations also give strong support to the Life Education Trust. To mark the 75th Anniversary, in 1990, of the founding of NZRSA the Association gifted a mobile classroom to the Life Education Trust.
    Since then, RNZRSA has assisted financially with the provision of two further classrooms, the last one, for use in the Canterbury Region, being commissioned in mid 2001.
    RNZRSA is proud of its association with the LET and totally supports it in the battle against the spreading influence of drugs and other harmful substances amongst our young people. Included in the term "drugs and substances" are prescription medicines, alcohol, tobacco products, glue and solvents, "street" drugs and cannabis. There are some within the ranks of our Parliamentarians who are seeking to have decriminalised, the possession and usage of cannabis. We implore our MP's to consider very carefully the potential consequences of a vote in favour of decriminalisation.

    Well there is the RSA agenda... from the 2002 Annual Report. It makes sad reading really. Ill informed on one hand and supporting Trevor Grice (wanna drink Trev?) who thinks Cannabis is more dangerous than Heroin on the other? What a waste of money!


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