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IMHO prohibition sentiment requires inherent addiction to status quo, an incapacity to visualise beyond the here and now and a desperate desire to know others might feel the same... Reform is not revolutionary, rather it is evolutionary. Having survived banging your head against a brick wall the evolutionist relishes having stopped. / Blair

Friday, February 19, 2010

Flashing my Wanga@Te Papa!

Zinger, an alias for our Candor Trust spokesperson astutely speculated on NORML's website....
Why else was Blair kept away from UN staff? It's not like he's a terrorist - why was he seen as dangerous? I'd like to see his Wangas file

Zinger is refering to the 2009 Ministry of Health 'Symposium' held post earlier Vienna NGO consulations that can be summed up as "consumer rights" before all else. Yeah Right!

I was excluded by a 'management decision" by CARE who seemingly knew I was coming. They didn't ask me not to come, nor did they reasonably communicate that I was persona non-grata, they preferred to quietly arrange a preemptive  'attempt' at a trespass order from Te Papa Security. When that didnt work it was subsequently followed up by a threat of arrest from "we know who you are!" National Drug Intelligence Bureau Chief in plain clothes telling me "we'll get the boys down".  Stuart Mills was there to report to the UN his cannabis leads them to methamphetamine report. Luck for him I was outside (say some). 

This all took place in the public space, the same place where, on entry to the venue Assoc Health Minister Hon. Peter Dunne was momentarily accessible to the public gaze and questioned on Class D's recreational use status now in the Ministry's brief. He didn't seem to know!. Nor of course did too many in attendance that weekend.
Notably, this is the same Class D that is not in the New Zealand Law Commission's view, of much import. Regulations to control drug use! I thought 'that was the point' of the law review, to quote Obama's oblique but pointed 'nice people like drugs' applied cannabis 'harm minimisation'.

US Senators like Class D. US Mayors like Class D. US Lawyers Like Class D. Law Enforcement Like Class D. I have meet them. Even the Green party seems to like Class D.

Whose choking here in NZ?
Search "Stuff", not even mentioned in the media. Hellooooo!
You would think the last thing Helen Clark's caucus 'as PM' was to preside over was her 'partial prohibition', the legal R18 sale and use of psychoactive recreational soft drugs.
My guess is Helen would probably ask the UN to 'like Class D' thinking all countries might like her kinda partial prohibition so I don't want to speculate where this may take our national identity as global social entrepreneur's waving a new flag of reason and cognitive liberty.

The public space served us well for beyond a proscribed line of Te Papa tiles, between a drain and the second window, under duress of arrest that served to protect tourists from me, it placed me in full view of the Soros funded venue windows 'at coffee' break. 

Stimulating stuff. What Dunne did, and the Police are gonna.
All day...  and the next, well until 4:20pm.

So what did shutting me out mean... I got too meet everyone who came in to the public space too 'smoke'. Some were from Christchurch. Some were from the Ministry of Health sponsored event. And one came from the UN. Often.

I got more one on one time and repeat interviews with the UN delegate than the Prime Minister.

One or two were seen to hug me and shake the paw. They were law and order Politicians, health and law Professors, Doctors who are MP's, Lawyers who are Professors, Treatment and Health scientists and even members of the Expert Advisory Commitee on Drugs. Ever been kissed by a (non-smoking) Member of Parliament, in public space!.

I even met the delegation from the European Union whose 'security' observing me allowed me to approach the ambassadors. Hey, it all started with the 'we don't see that flag to much around here when drugs are being discussed?'. Which lead to an earnest acknowledgment, and exchange of cards and photo. Cool. [Te Papa security must have been hemorrhaging.]  Why would anyone have a problem with that question? Ask the European NGO's on Drugs... ENCOD.ORG and pretend I dont have an interest!

The security at the big UN delegate attended pay for your own 'networking' dinner were polite. Obviously good men doing their job. But waiting outside to say 'Hi!' to some folk I knew like Phil Saxby and others, it would have been obvious even to Security that I was not out of place 'being there'. I was flattered by the attention they gave me. Obviously entirely unnecessary, but here too the public space served me well. This was the same dinner that South Island CAYAD administrators had requested that I beinvited on their behalf and thus included at the table. The answer from Ross Bell, I am reliably informed was 'emphatically no'.

Seriously, if I wanted to use the Public Toilets inside Te Papa, I was to be escorted (accompanied) by the Chief of Security and only 'if pre-arranged'. So what if I needed to excercise a rapid bowel movment, shit! I would have been in trouble then. It's harder to drive your pants and txt security than drive!
Fortunatly, I didnt need too!, but that was just serendipity.
Then there is the conversations with the dude from Vienna Office of Drug Control Sandeep Chowla. I found his personal view particularly encouraging. While acknowledging his tobacco addiction which subsequently could be banned 'where he stood', he candidly acknowledged my exclusion. As did others. I was particular proud of the support I got from some South Islanders. Thanks.

So, as I write I  remain banned on Police Bail from the 'four avenues', now for a month, under duress of arrest for having the temerity to be seen speaking in a public space. We need to treasure that which we have.

To meet and greet important visitors coming to town (Worlds Best Expert on Dog Bites whom I organised to be on Kim Hill at 11:00am this Sat) aside from private car that cannot utilise the One-Way system, I find can't even go hear him on a bus 'recorded inside and out' as they all go through town. I dare not walk. [monitored 24hr video surveillance by non-sworn staff at the Police Station.] But even going inside a mile square of my home town... is against the law until a judge says it's not, what am I thinking!  Well, only seven days to go!

I wonder if I might SAFER at the upcoming in March Te Papa Hui on Alcohol and Violence. (hmmm: see SAFERCHOICE.ORG )

Only the Police believe cannabis is  acriminological aggressogenic stepping stone to P!
And they think I am radical?
So does the Canterbury District Health Board (who took it upon themselves to ban SATIVEX)  and ALAC, Cannabis is Illegal. And Alcohol is not.
I think such arbitrary delineations a sign of stupidity.
Makes you want to come out fighting...
(Put that on the Wanga file, Stuart!)

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