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IMHO prohibition sentiment requires inherent addiction to status quo, an incapacity to visualise beyond the here and now and a desperate desire to know others might feel the same... Reform is not revolutionary, rather it is evolutionary. Having survived banging your head against a brick wall the evolutionist relishes having stopped. / Blair

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Lets fix it. Right here, Right Now!

Not a Crime - Stuart FranklinImage by Eleven Eight via Flickr
"We are creating alienation of our people." (Nandor Tanczos, circa 2001)

We as a Nation are being stupid with the hypocritical and non-efficacious drug policy.
We're making a mess of ourselves by denial of  our own liberty and adult right to decide in a schizophrenic cycle of harm maximising violations.
There is violation and disrespect in criminalising a 'selected' few of the 400,000 who collectively and casually break the rules, millions of times a year.  Few consumers believe that cannabis is criminally bad or the evil it being made out to be, especially when it often is enjoyed more than alcohol and displaces other drugs like tobacco.
These ideas are supported by robust science. Health epidemiologists have shown that Gangs are a logical result. And violence. And associated crime. All predicted.  [see]
   It's Harvest Time Again in th'Country.  

Police harvest peaks at this time every year to boost crime resolution figures and maximise personal and collective gain. Meanwhile the whole nation seems to have lost respect for rule of law evident particularly in booze culture, driving, commerce and even law enforcement itself.

What is there to fear from 400,000 [otherwise] law abiding citizens?

By far the most 'use' is of no consequence, users moderating at low cost, any harms. We instead collectively say that they are useless, stupid dopers, presumably to save them from themselves. Is it working?
We legislated for 'use' of restricted substances over a year ago. So, restrict them to adult choice.
Our current lot of politicians are too gutless to have the required conversation. There is a Law Commission Review and they stand quiet. There is the Siege in Napier Inquiry, a classic case of 'deviancy amplification' and still they stay quiet.  None will say (despite evidence to support it) that there is a matrix of dysfunction that relates to the criminalisation. Is that not what happened in Napier? Or are we watching a different movie?
    Injustice breeds social damage.            
       Thus we are at war 'on ourselves..'     
Police are putting up that three thousand more cannabis criminals over last year is a success, where it is by any policy analytic standard, proof of abject failure. [If it wasn't for cannabis the Police wouldn't look very good at all.]
Good on Billy McGee (GreenCross) for raising the injustice issue going on 'under the radar' these Easter holidays observes the Kiwi Cannabis is SAFER candidates.

Lets fix it. Right here, Right Now!

"Having researched the drugs field for more than 30 years as a scientist, my concern is that the undoubted harms of drug-taking are minimised and that drug users, of whom there are millions, are protected. Some reactions to my suggestion that some form of regulated supply of mephedrone, ecstasy and cannabis is worth considering shows just how difficult it is to have a rational, science-based debate."   The Guardian (UK) Tuesday 30 March 2010  -   Professor David Nutt (Following his article published 17 Mar 2010. Mephedrone: the class D solution )

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