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Monday, August 09, 2010

Good Story or Good Politics.

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John Anderson, 2nd Mayor of Christchurch.
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Today, I accidentally rang the cop who warned me for public speaking [ he gave me his card. (Doh!)] Said I was pleasant to deal with. Agreed, he would rather deal with a pot smoker than an alcohol consumer. I had confused him for the dude who did arrest me a month or two prior. (thats what I told him) Isn't it good the world actually works on civil and civic trust and a little bit of cunning! 

Though he [Police] did reveal that their computer shows that I had been  charged with disorderly behaviour (for doing what he saw me doing, public speaking) and in possession of syringe and needles of which I had neither. (Besides the UN is very particular about such bans, criminalisation and consequences around AIDS. Another civic breach of good faith and best practice.)

So? With that record, what happens if I am random stopped and roadside 'checked out'. Can I expect to be given the full accord of unimpeded access to the kings-highway. If, unknown to me such record led to just cause for 'detailed search' leading to all the encumbrance, time wasting and possible (read:probable) impaired blood test that might at any-time indicate 'criminal' impairment absent ANY EVIDENCE of said impairment. What indeed if they found 'literature' about drug policy? (cf: Switched On Gardner et al) 

Now lets pretend that outcome doesn't carry costs. To me, to my business obligations to clients and dogs (I train dogs) and in particular to my relationships, yes I am quite normal, I have one. 

Or likewise, for that matter, factor in the same costs and burdens on any of the other 400,000 other occasional /functioning cannabis consumers now at grave risk while driving. 

(The 28% support for ZERO alcohol test is as illogical as banning people from driving because they cannot prove they are free from stress, prove they were fully focused, had the radio off, not even a little depressed, or gawd forbid, not even a little tired. Take a medicine and you have to show and tell a policeman. I doubt it would be difficult to word a poll to get 1/4 of the respondants to ban driving in the dark.)

So with such online, on tap records available to ANYONE at Police HQ or on patrol, what would be reported to a prospective employer? Or an insurance company? To a customs/border control inquiry? well, I can answer those questions now. Very Accurately.

Yet I can run for Mayor of Christchurch without the slightest of ID's, other than "Blair John Anderson" on a list of addresses and bag of cash I am prepared to burn. I don't even have to give my age, let alone date of birth. I have to provide both to register my dog.

Said policeman (no I will not identify him unless he consents)  seriously thought my concern mountains and molehills given that the charge had been dropped, NOTABLY without as much as ANY formal notification, paper trail, email, phone call or fax. The Ministry of Justice official, the one required at a very minimum to apologise because they (the Ministry) were on strike and thus didn't send me my first court appearance details. That would have put me in breach of bail conditions. He was at apins to point out (so he didn't need to apologise, like his strike was my fault)  said I should be respectful as I was facing "very serious charges" [Hang on this guy just works there, like he has some authority to chastise me.]  

(and all this before any serious breach of human rights had been litigated, may the baby Jesus protect those who dont understand our punative culture, for them this would be impossible if not dangerous).

My first court appearance was then delayed for one whole month after arrest.  I successfuly petitioned for and was granted a 'Trial Judge' adjudicated  trial for late July. 

My 24hr (four avenues) City Exclusion Zone bail conditions were dropped. Consider, for a month how one catches a bus without entering the four avenues. Or travels with someone else and they have to drive AROUND Hagley Park, rather than through it. You cannot even visit someone in Hospital. Or attend a prior diarised meeting with the Human Rights Commission to discuss you guessed it, Drug Policy.

( I petitioned for 'no depositions required', thus ensured Police had hands tied to due process. Seemingly it flumoxed the prosecutor. It helped to have them believing I had legal council who always goes to depositions! The SYSTEM is oh so gullible.).

While, even the bench Judge noted that he wouldn't mind being the trial Judge, without trial and aquital... oop's there is a data legacy.

Subsequently my octogenarian neighbour confirms she was asked by Police, [as if she had an obligation to observe and report,] if I was gardening (pot) in my backyard as she can see it all from her balcony? 

Somehow screaming paranoia begins to look so pro forma DSMlV

How does this 'institutionalised labelling'. 'data legacy' and 'active agency' where there is no material threat to society or individual serve prohibition?

It has to be clearly said.. I was public speaking about Drug Policy, Class D, Law Commission and Civics. It was speech #200 or so in the city. Perhaps a civil case for punitive and compensatory damage could be cutting edge HR 'legal challenge.'I guess  would have to serve Hon. Tony Ryall.  It's his warrant under which this mess occurs. 

It has to be ironic that I am running up against Hon. Jim Anderton. (under whose mantle Class D became du jour)

The first time I ran for Mayor, the Press said,  as I recall (aside from the flattery) "A pity I had failed to reveal that I had a cannabis conviction". This hardly relevant nor particularly sensoria l information (I am, in good company) was also contrary to the principles of Green MP and Drug Policy Justice advocate Nandor Tanzcos's Clean Slate Bill which was, albeit new, in force. 

[It was twenty years ago, get over it. Mr. Media.]

Media haven't even reported that I am running for Mayor. Are they missing a good story! (grin)

Even NewsTalkZB has publicly announced that the Last Mayoral debate is on the 20th August. The very last day nominations close, the debates end. No wonder Bob Parker was on safe ground on 'black Thursday' signing up a public liability for an ill placed, awful designed Post Office at a mere $54Million for a half share and 660,000 dollar rent a MONTH. Makes his wife's coffee and room with a view look pretty damn cheap.

And this is only a small part of the real story why I am standing. I haven't yet started. 

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