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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Consistent with Research - 'what to do'

English: Active/Lethal Dose Ratio and Dependen...Image via Wikipedia Another government misconception was that young people were pressured into taking drugs. However, participants in this study insisted that they made their own drugs decisions for which they took responsibility.

The notion of peer pressure was a source of resentment to many young people when expounded by adults delivering drug education.

Parker and colleagues also argued that young people's drug use had become entangled in the wider moral panic about, and blaming of youth, for society problems. They emphasised that continuing the 'war on drugs' and ignoring the reality of young people's drug taking was resulting in a neglect in dealing with reducing the harms and risks of drug use.

They pointed out the need to:
  • accept that drug use occurs and treat the user as a citizen
  • try and help assure that street drugs are quality tested
  • help young people share information and experiences about drugs, in particular bad experiences
  • create a situation where young people trust the information (including scientific) on drugs provided by older people
  • create a situation where young people feel that they can come forward and talk about their drug problem without censure.
Illegal Leisure: The normalization of adolescent recreational drug use by Howard Parker, Judith Aldridge and Fiona Measham: Routledge, 1998.  Download the full article in PDF Format


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