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IMHO prohibition sentiment requires inherent addiction to status quo, an incapacity to visualise beyond the here and now and a desperate desire to know others might feel the same... Reform is not revolutionary, rather it is evolutionary. Having survived banging your head against a brick wall the evolutionist relishes having stopped. / Blair

Monday, January 31, 2011

Killer T cells—also called cytotoxic T lymphoc...Image via Wikipedia
Dr. Arnold Tashkin of UCLA conducted the largest-ever study of marijuana's effect on the lungs. His team found that not only was marijuana not associated with lung cancer, but that it possibly even exerts a protective effect against it.
Nicotine masks pre-cancer from the immune system whereas cannabis does not. Alcohol masks mental health issues whereas cannabis (particularly in a beyond prohibition world) does not.

Cannabis availability is harm reduction by displacement.... Public health is augmented. Cannabis as a therapeutic is a non-issue and doesnt do justice to the argument.

Controlled availability (D'classification as per 'restricted substances regulations' ) removes identified impediments to best practice and credible health promotion. End of story.

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Guilt by Machine!

A closed-circuit television camera in a tree, ...Image via Wikipedia Roll over George O.

Police using new automated technology to help find stolen Wellington cars

If the public seriously believe the hype being given to 'stolen vehicles' maybe the media should inquire, where are the beneficiaries of this technology, all the happy original owners?
This is nothing more or less than watered down face recognition by proxy.
The Police can track (and trace) anyone 'of interest'... without a search warrant. There need be no intervention at the time, only a record of speed and direction.

We need look no further than this inane quest to create the 'silent' policeman. Number recognition of plates can be done (and logged) from existing surveillance camera technology we see over every controlled intersection with no more computational power than is in an IPad/Cellphone.

The question is, should we?

Three surveillance cameras on the corner of a ...Image via WikipediaThis is not about 'tear up the protections of the Magna Carta... and the rignt to travel unimpeded upon the Kings Highway' rather the right of the state to maintain 'absolute transparency' just in case it may need to and all predicated on 'fears' where there should be none. 

Chomsky and manufactured consent comes to mind. We are creating, yet again, a recipe for more 'deviancy amplification' - remember Len Snee and Gage the dog!

We are (by our silence closely resembling stupidity) creating the very problem we set out to solve... and at our expense, no accounting required.
Hell, they are probably reading this...

 Blair Anderson  ‹(•¿•)›

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Instructive insight here....

Comment on Voxy here.

Instructive insight here.... Candor Trust: Police Pursuit "Fiasco"

Mon, 17/01/2011 - 11:44 — VOXY
Now substitute car for career, home, farm, lifestyle, cognitive choices, freedom and other such treasured institutions. And then lets pretend cannabis interdiction has no parallel or intersect in this demographic. A unitary Police Force operating in secret squirrel-space undermines respect for rule of law, apply cognitive dissonance and amplified deviancy poor outcomes are inevitable.
A diagram of cognitive dissonance theoryImage via WikipediaOnce again politicised safety policy intersects with drug policy the legacy of which can only be described as corrupt. As long as policy impact and cost benefit efficacy studies remain 'to be seen to be done' the outcomes will remain a string of worst case scenarios for those who are victims of the prohibition paradigm.
How do you make impaired driving impacts worse... chase them. Just as with the threat of nuclear amageddon controlled cold war thinking, the irrationality of saving someone from cannabis by branding them electronically for life is intellectual lunacy.
Chasing them has been reduced to, by Police, a hunting metaphor and politicians delusion-ally maintain a 'war' footing. Should we be surprised that when one party is viewed as the 'enemy' conflict begins.
If it was a rendered harm on a few, some might argue that on balance it is still best practice, however the evidence from the Christchurch Health and Development study shows that four out of five of the 'target' demograph are directly exposed to the matrix of dysfunction created by drug policy. Even more are exposed to secondary 'collateral damage' in the war on drugs as it includes those who do not take drugs. This public, civic and unitary problem is of a magnitude that makes slavery look tame.Graph demonstrating increases in United States...Image via Wikipedia
And all this is happening when you are driving your car... a passenger in it, or just in proximity to a vehicular carriage way. And it is happening while your watching TV at home. When your working and when your not. You are utterly surrounded by 'cannabis experience'. People who have broken a serious law more than five times. They are everywhere. They are unavoidable.
Why do we 'chase' them? on evidence we are actually quite lousy at it.
And how might the high 'clearance rate' on the manufactured crime scenes instruct policy surrounding the prevalence, detection and enforcement of vehicular 'crime scenes'?
Now there would be some useful drug driving intelligence!

Map of Cannabis Prevalence in Christchurch Metro. ie: 'pick a pixel"

Satellite image showing Christchurch and surro...
pick a pixel, point to pot!

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

City Drug Raids Solve Diddly

Cuckoo clockImage via WikipediaThe Police are in cuckoo land if they believe this will make any difference to prevalence of pot.

 Despite the evidence from the Christchurch Health and Development Study of 1000 of our kids that shows clearly how dangerous this drug must be and nothing happened (4:5 having broken the law more than five times) the delusional policy still exists.

Evidence shows the bulk of trade in cannabis is innocuous recompense for risk taken amongst friends and trusted acquaintances. Duplicitous Police continue to pretend this is a serious problem that takes them 'years' to accumulate limited intelligence to justify the random raiding of enough houses to find something to justify the lunacy of using our taxes to keep them in a job that achieves nothing.
Annette King, cropped from: With David Cunliff...Image via Wikipedia
Perhaps if Police had prioritised its resource allocation (as our Sister City Seattle has done, treating Pot as lower priority than a parking ticket) they would have the 'intelligence' to investigate the burglary where the purported 'stolen' property had come from.

Don't expect media to 'link' the issue.. the Press's newsroom clowns are too stupid to give balance the story - pretending that civil society has nothing to say or add. This, despite NZ adopting Helen Clark's R18 'partial prohibition' of psychoactive recreational drug USE, the innovative and UN compliant 'Restricted Substances Regulations'

The "law is an ass" to quote then Min of Health, Hon. Annette King commenting post two select committee inquiries on cannabis.

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - FEBRUARY 17:  Former N... Getty Images via @daylife
Helen's Mom and Dad,
greatful she wasnt busted!

So to are media for NEVER EVER reporting the 2008 "Order in Council' for Rt. Hon. Helen Clark's "partial prohibition" and what it means. (see:

It's enough to drive ya to drink!

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