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IMHO prohibition sentiment requires inherent addiction to status quo, an incapacity to visualise beyond the here and now and a desperate desire to know others might feel the same... Reform is not revolutionary, rather it is evolutionary. Having survived banging your head against a brick wall the evolutionist relishes having stopped. / Blair

Friday, March 25, 2011

Top UK Officials: UN-Inspired War on Drugs Failed

Graph demonstrating increases in United States...
 "One would like to be charitable and offer up the notion that British political elites have suddenly — because it is rational — discovered that the war on drugs is illegitimate and counterproductive; but, no, the timing is too suspicious.... The sudden reasonableness of the British establishment as regards the war on drugs surely has to do with financial calculations."

Of course, it isn't just the U.K. that is seeking alternative solutions to drug problems. A group of lawmakers in Australia, for example, is also urging the government to end the war on drugs in that country, calling it a failure that is even less likely to work in the future.
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