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IMHO prohibition sentiment requires inherent addiction to status quo, an incapacity to visualise beyond the here and now and a desperate desire to know others might feel the same... Reform is not revolutionary, rather it is evolutionary. Having survived banging your head against a brick wall the evolutionist relishes having stopped. / Blair

Sunday, May 01, 2011

As Seen on TradeMe Community

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4:5 Christchurch folk <33yrs old - many of whom have children have smoked pot more than five times [CHDS, Otago School of Medicine], and because they like a recreational joint from time to time they may well have some tucked in the sock drawer. It no more means the person (or couple) are guilty of mistreating a child (that's the reference point here) than someone who has a bottle of wine in the fridge, or 10g of pipe tobacco inside the fly-fishing bag.
What your juicing here is 'narc' culture... exactly the purpose of the new reality television series "Drug Bust". It wouldn't matter a toss if they televised every one of the fifty busts a day in NZ, (though it would expose the racial profiling) it makes no matter... prohibition is what prohibition is, a concept applied in name only.

The chances of getting caught if you're white and rich and keep good company are nearly nil. Whereas the line the cops want you to hear is "if we can only make one more bust the problem will go away". I've news for you... The USA has spent more than a trillion dollars and pot couldn't be more popular if you made it compulsory. So what was it you're trying to achieve again....?
I was at a child custody hearing in Queenstown some years ago and the ex-partner cited 'pot use' as a mitigating factor in insisting on custody. The Honourable Judge retorted, if I had to take the kids off everyone who smoked pot in this town, the schools would be empty and the economy would collapse.

So if a Judge doesn't agree with you... what say you to your perceptions? Perhaps it is time for a reality check.
In that regard, most of the pot smokers I know are a way ahead of you. Just because it is illegal doesn't make it right to 'do harm' where there would otherwise be none. It is after all illegal under the warrant of the minister of health whose guiding principal, despite the law, is first do no harm.
Apartheid was legal once too?
Drug Policy is founded on Racism and White Privilege. It has no place in asset based civil society.
Blair Anderson 

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