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Monday, June 06, 2011

Judith Collins lies through her teeth on TV3

Sean The Law Commission's also suggested the essential decriminalisation of some offences, particularly the cannabis offences and making health agencies rather than justice agencies if you like the lead caregivers, or corrective agencies, as far as those crimes are concerned.
Judith Well it's difficult for the Corrections Department to be able to deal with that, because basically Corrections takes the people, they're sent to it by the courts and it does its best, and bear in mind that 45,000 people currently undertake community work with Corrections. So it's not that they're only prisoners that they deal with. However, we also know that cannabis is a major issue in terms of psychosis and a lot of prisoners have issues with psychosis, much of it brought along by abuse of alcohol and cannabis and other drugs like methamphetamine.

This stuff is egregious, "The mental health harms are largely overstated" -NZ  Health Select Committee. So how is prison anything other than wonderful environment to learn helplessness. If we stopped the drug war, particularly on cannabis, we could close a prison every year or two. Why? They would be empty.

What concerns me more than the failure of the Minister to appear to not grasp the evidence, rather the above utterance accompanied by 'almost a smile' revealing she knows she is lying.

Non-feasance Anyone?


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