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IMHO prohibition sentiment requires inherent addiction to status quo, an incapacity to visualise beyond the here and now and a desperate desire to know others might feel the same... Reform is not revolutionary, rather it is evolutionary. Having survived banging your head against a brick wall the evolutionist relishes having stopped. / Blair

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Banks, Cannabis and Colonisation

Sir Joseph Banks and the Question of Hemp
by Dr John Jiggens .

Sir Joseph Banks and the Question of Hemp examines the way the hemp question directed Britain’s colonial policy and naval strategy between 1776 and 1815, a period when Britain lost its first empire in the US and began a second empire, centred on the Pacific.
(This was also explored and researched by me, the subject formed the core historical reference that begins the story told as "The Potted History of New Zealand" delivered .to various Rotory's and civic groups in New Zealand. Jiggens is a muc deeper and thorough historical narrative. /Blair)

Jiggens argues that New South Wales was intended as a replacement hemp colony for the US. The convicts were a cover story. ‘The Father of Australia’ Sir Joseph Banks was a cannabis zealot, who, together with his protégé Governor Philip King, was responsible for the cultivation of tens of acres of cannabis on the banks of the Nepean and Hawkesbury Rivers in the 1800s.
English: Joseph Banks (1743-1820)
English: Joseph Banks (1743-1820) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Although Banks was primarily interested in hemp as a fibre crop, he was also intrigued with drug cannabis or ganga. Banks was regularly sent quantities of hashish from James Matra, the British consul in Tangiers. (Matra accompanied Cook on the 1770 voyages as a midshipman).  The poet and early drug enthusiast, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, found out about Banks’ stash of hashish and got Banks to send him a quantity. Coleridge later wrote an account of his experience, which is the first recorded use of drug cannabis in England. This, of course, makes Banks the first supplier of drug cannabis in England.

Canterbury/Christchurch City Library has been requested to obtain a copy of Sir Joseph Banks and the Question of Hemp. (Banks Peninsula?)

John attended the Nimbin MardiGrass last year  promoting his book.

Blair Anderson
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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Prohibition Thinking 94yrs Old This Week.

By January of 1919, members of the US temperance movement had been campaigning against excessive drinking for a century. Their efforts resulted in the 18th Amendment, which, when it went into effect in January 1920, prohibited the sale—but not the consumption—of liquor. (Notice the difference? Cannabis is a possession offence, a thought crime!/Blair)  
John D. Rockefeller founded the University of ...
John D. Rockefeller founded the University of Chicago along with the American Baptist Education Society. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Prohibition spawned what John D. Rockefeller called "a vast army of lawbreakers", Bootleggers, rum-runners, and speakeasies took advantage of the guaranteed profits from the dearth of legal alcohol sales,  and the failed ban was repealed in 1933. It lead to corruption of officials, especially law makers and law enforcement. It created the FBI. Once repealed the murder rate plummeted.

We render ourselves stupid if we believe we can arrest ourselves out of the Illicit Cannabis market, and indeed any other drug problem. It ain't going to happen. That Alcohol prohibition only lasted for 13 years is in itself surprising enough, the unintended consequences led to an 'army of womanfolk' mostly those who had asked for it in the first place to regale at its 'deviency amplifying' outcomes and protested prohibitions continuation.

We have been arresting cannabis consumers, who hurt no one but themselves (and even then that is moot) for forty years in New Zealand. And that has saved no one... except drive them to drink!
Prohibition preview with Ken Burns
Prohibition preview with Ken Burns (Photo credit: KCTS 9)

I have partaken in a Sam Adams beer in the "21st Amendment" bar adjacent to the Boston Common and Mass State Legislature. [the 21st repealed the 18th, good law trumpt bad law].

It is worth noting that at the other end of the Common is the Ritz-Carlton Hotel where expensive (inflated)  'imported' scotch whisky was NEVER ILLEGAL. I had a dram of single malt there as well.

You see, it was always about 'othering'. As with today, if you have money you are largely  invisible and can do what you damn well please!

Blair Anderson
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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ostracise the pot smokers, not jail them - Rosemary McLoud

Rosemary, you reveal far more than I think you intended..
The cannabis laws are not about health nor are they about crime....they are about 'othering', putting labels on people. As with opium and coca, the roots of anti-drug laws are founded on puritanical (religious) and racist foundations. Should we be now surprised that openly advocating "progressive social ostracism" as if it hasn't been tried (what could be more punitive than threat of, and actual jailing of otherwise law abiding citizens) arguing that ostracism has worked for tobacco, yet fail to acknowledge that not one person has been jailed for sparking up that particular deadly herb, nor for its cultivation, preparation, merchandising, advertising or for taking a slice of the action (taxes). Your views are tired, nonsensical and frankly racist, sexist and ageist in their application. As long as that remains true you are part of the problem and no part of the solution. You are endangering the public. You are making our communities unsafe and you are hurting otherwise innocent people. You give succour to those who would disproportionat­ely punish and who resort to violence and oppression to enforce compliance on both sides of the law. You are however increasingly in the minority and thankfully destined to realise this in due course. Reform is inevitable, and you will be the better for it
Blair Anderson 
Social Ecologist 'at large'
Christchurch, New Zealand
ph nz  (643) 389 4065   nz cell 027 265 7219
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